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Jyothi Social Welfare centre.







Jyothi Social Welfare Centre [Society of Ursuline Sisters of St.Jerom in Somasca] is a non-government organization [NGO] with the register no - 217 \ 80 -81 [ Karnataka registration act - 1960 ] has been functioning from the last 36 years in the rural areas of Mysore and Mandya Districts of Karnataka State. It began its activities in the year 1986 with a small class for dropout and working children from the nearby villages, with the help of a team of sisters, social workers and teachers.  Jyothi Social Welfare Center has emerged as leading Women's NGO to protect the interest of women and to lead them to social and economic self-sufficiency. The organization has great opportunities for working with grass root groups of women, Girls and backward sections in the underdeveloped regions with the focus towards women empowerment.    The main aim of the organisation is to help the rural population to find ways and means to build up their community and thus contribute towards a better society. In 1991 Jyothi social welfare centre too focused on Forming SHGs.
Mission: Our mission is to work towards the protection and empowerment of women and girls in all spheres of public and private life so that they realize their full potential in a just and unbiased society.
Vision:  To help rural population find ways and means to build up their community and thus contribute towards a better society.


Main Activities:
FORMATION OF MAHILA SANGHA:   175 SHG and 50 JLG Groups have been formed in 40 villages and 15 city areas with the intention to motivate them to save some amount and help each other when they are in financially difficult. Not only that to become self-depended and lead a meaningful life in society. 

  • Providing Awareness programme: Educate and organize women to build up awareness, self - reliance and self - sufficiency to unfolds the tremendous hidden potential women.


    Micro-finance credit linkage:  We provide credit facilities for their income generation programmes through this activity we create in them the sustainable life style.








COMMUNITY HEALTH ACTIVITIES:  Jyothi Social Welfare Center conducts - Health and Hygiene, Health camps, Eye camps, AIDS Awareness programmes, Eye camp and Dental Camps, etc.




















 SKILL BASED TRAININGS: To organize and support vocational and employment generation-based training programs for the youth, students and women for their economic development. Specially conducting trainings like Tailoring, Beautician, craft work, Bag making, Embroidery etc.
    Cultural Events for the Women: The organisation
celebrates different festivals and events of the year. Along with that conducts different cultural activities for the women. Like women’s day, environment day, world sanitation day, world aids day, human rights day, founder’s day etc..
                 In the early days women were not allowed to come out of the four walls of their house but today we can see the lot of changes among the women where they are emerged in most all the fields. Through this women shows that they are not less than a man. A woman not only works outside but she also very much attentive to the needs of a family. Thus she becomes a teacher, mother, leader, woma

Social Outreach &Relief Services


Get in Touch with us, if you would like to be part of the Social Outreach projects and programs

Jyothi Social Welfare Centre [Society of Ursuline Sisters of St. Jerom in Somasca] is a non-government organization [NGO] with the register no - 217 \ 80 -81

Jyothi Nilaya, 
Bannur Road


Mysuru - 570028


Our Bank details: 

A/C No. : 0258053000002216

MYSORE -570001
Phone No : 9845817731  

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