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   JEEVODAYA the rising of new life.


In 1989 the people in our surrounding villages who were grazing the sheep and cattle, they found a girl who was homeless and orphan and brought to us. Sr. Umbertina with an open arm welcomed Manjula and kept in Jyothinilaya. As the days rolled by, the number of the orphans increased namely Roopa, Gangadhara, Archana, Savitha, Rashmi…And so on.
These buds who did not know the way where to go and what to do?   Looking at these orphans Sr.Umbertina moved with compassion and love, felt the need for a separate home for the orphans.  The motto of ‘Jeevodaya’ is to help the orphans to grow as dignified and qualified persons in the society.  In order to realize this dream, On13th January 2003 laid the foundation; the house for children is in Jyothinilaya campus.  Rev. Msgr. Marie Joseph blessed the stone and Mo. Letizia laid the foundation stone.  
On Oct.7th 2004 Mother Generosa inaugurated Jeevodaya children’s home. Mrs. Iris Lawrence lighted the first fire and boiled the milk as the sign of prosperity.
0n 14th Jan. 2005 “Jeevodaya chapel” was blessed by Bishop. Rt. Rev.Dr. Thomas Antony Vazhapilly for the spiritual growth of the children. Thus the dream of Sr.Umbertina to have a home for the children was fulfilled.  This home can satisfy various needs, but mostly love, trust, confidence and above all Jeevodaya instills in the heart of the orphans they are created by God and Life is precious and beautiful it can offer a lot to them. Now about 48 children are facilitated with best ways of realizing the self dignity and provided with a better future.   









Children hanging around the streets, Market places, Cross roads, Railway and Bus stations, Public places begging specially girls. They are deprived of their innocent childhood and parental love. These children need genuine love, good health, education & care.  
One day Sr. Aliyamma  and Sr. Rosi went for village visit there they found a girl  namely Chaithanya in front of a  small hut  along with her father who was fully drunk. Sisters moved with love and pity welcomed her to keep with  them. Thus she becomes the first orphan.
The number of children increased year by year, seeing the struggle of the sisters to accommodate children in their house our Mother General agreed to construct a house for children .Sr.Theresina and Sr.Mary came to lay foundation stone for this house on 02-12-2007. At its completion our Mother General Letizia and Sr. Maria Saccomandi came from Italy accompanied by Sr. Alphonsa for the inauguration of the LITTLE FLOWERS HOME. This was blessed by the Lordship Bishop Prakash Mallavarapu. We are here as beholders of God’s glory in the life of these little once.


   “ASHANIVAS” orphanage






After studying the history of the locality and in responding to signs of the time, we felt the emerging need is to have a boarding for the girl children. Due to the distance most of the girls discontinue their studies especially when they reach the age of 12. In keeping the Spirit of Our foundressess, we have started the boarding house, close to the parish school to facilitate education of the girl child. They have been provided with good food and accommodation free of cost.  We heartily take upon facilitating the children in “ASHANIVAS” to enjoy a life of dignity and fellowship. Living with these children we try to inculcate the Christian values to them. Along with this we give the best of possibilities to improve their curricular and extracurricular activities. In this way we continue the journey having the same Spirit of our Foundresses that they have began. 
      We are happy to see the growth of the children especially in values and in discipline. Their eagerness and desire to have a bright future inspire us to dedicate ourselves for the cause of these children. 


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