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Become a Somascan Nun

Vocations are sign of hope founded in faith. While this is true of all vocations, it is most certainly true of religious life. 

Renounce all things by faith to follow Christ and in the service of His Church and the World. In the homily at the mass of his initiation of the Petrine Ministry, Pope Francis said, “today too amid so much darkness we need to see the light of hope and to be men and women who bring hope to others.” 



The congregation of Ursuline Sisters of St. Jerome in Somasca echoes the Pope’s words in inviting young women who love the Lord and His Church and desire to serve His people to discern a vocation within them. The Church and the world need good holy women who founded in faith are willing to answer the Lord’s call to be signs of hope as religious sisters


The Lord Calls...

The Lord continues to call young people, “come and follow me”. 
The members of the Ursuline Sisters of Somasca pray that the more and more girls  may hear the Lord’s call seeing their steadfast witness to the gospel, the companionship they offer one another, the cheerfulness with which they serve in their mission without counting the cost and the sincere welcome they openly offer the candidates who join them.


God's plan for us

God has a unique plan for each person. It is our endeavour to help young people to discover that plan and seek happiness through faithful fulfillment of God's will. 


Follow me...

The Lord of the harvest continues to call labourers into his vineyard. We shall strive to help young people to listen and respond to his loving invitation, "Come, follow me," to serve him in the local Church and in institutes of consecrated life.


Please contact us at:

Vocational Promoter
Sr. Rani,  Phone: 6363466137
Sr. Prema,  Phone: 9442323185
Sr. Shanthi, Phone: 7899936519



Jyothi Nilaya, Allanahalli post, Nadanahali,

Bannur Road, Mysuru - 570028
Phone no: 08-212471824 


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